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Default Re: ***Official Dell 2405W & 2005FPW Deals / Feedback Thread***

I just received my 2005FPW and having the following problems to run it with DVD played on Computer and connecting with TV.

I just received my 2005FPW. It looks awesome except the following two problems.

(1) When i play my dvd or hook it up with comcast digital cable box the picture is streatched with blank at the top and bottom. I am connecting computer with VGA and cable box with S-Video, composit and DVI. Also, the s-video and composite video connection at times tells me that "This mode can not be displayed"

(2) DVI connection from Cable box only works for few seconds and after that it goes blank.

(3) I am having blank screen on top and bottom and with pic streatched even if i play dvd on my comp in full screen mode. Do i need any special software. My screen resolution ATI 9600 which supports wide screen resolutions. Every thing else looks good with correct aspect ratio on comp.

I will really be thankful if somebody can help me with solving these problems.
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