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Default Re: More on the hijacking popups here

They're back. Same hijacking deal.

FYI, I just restored my clean offline backup moments ago too and am reinstalling Far Cry. I've gotten hijacked twice this visit. I went to Rage3d Gaming Forum, then here, nowhere else.

So either these are coming from here, or (conspiracy theory) Rage3d has a malicious script that only activates if the visitor leaves them and comes here. (wham, just got hit again while typing, 3 times now). Usually that is the order I browse in too so....(wham! hit again and AdMuncher is running. I started it after the first hijacking).

As usual, this ONLY happens HERE and nowhere else, and it is random, don't get them every time.

EDIT: This is really wierd. I'm going to stay here while this is happening and try to get logs or something from AdMuncher for you....
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