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Well, seeing how so many people anxiously waited for this card(I didn't ) and seeing how nVIDIA let them down by delaying it, then let them down with less than spectacular performance, and now slapped them all in the face by not giving them the opportunity to buy it, hmm.... I think nVIDIA deserves all the bashing these guys can dish out. Besides, isn't this an nV site? I mean, c'mon, this is THE topic that is important right now. All of these people were let down, I beleive they should be able to vent their disappointment and resentment and voice their opinion on nVIDIA and MDR selling out to nVIDIA. ATI deserved that award, you know it, I know it, everyone knows, it, even that Peter whatever guy knows it, they just sold their award and all their credibility along with it. Trying to censor what people think in what should be an open discussion is kinda dumb, its just another way to twist the overall opinion of people that visit and contribute to this forum. It makes it even worse that that thread was censored just to appease some "big shot" from a sell-out site. I could care less who he is, I bet 90% of the people here didn't even know who the hell he was until he started parading his "greatness" through the thread. Yeah, that'l really help nV News
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