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I'm a lurker, but I had to respond to this:
We have no problem admiting Nvidia latest product wasn't what everyone was hoping for but we all know that, so its time to move on.
No more GFFX discussions? That'd be great! I'll look forward to never seeing another GFFX comment on these boards again. When ya get tired of the Intel vs AMD comments: you can kill all posting of that too. VIA vs nForce too.

Gonna be a ghosttown around here very soon at that rate, IMO.

Don't take it personal guys but we're just tired of it
Personal? Nah, it's your site & if y'all get tired of something > kill it ... we 'users' don't need to express our thoughts or opinions here when there are so many other sites that will allow us the freedom to do so & don't kill the threads just cuz they're "tired".

'Nuff said,
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