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Originally Posted by mriya3
for all those who have problems with Toshiba notebooks...
I can't believe this, but it actually works!!!

My notebook is a Toshiba Satellite 2450-201 . I don't know what I did but it helped. Now I get into X (KDE) with the new drivers for the first time since last spring... The only thing is that the console is garbled with green rectangles again, but this is a minor issue - I will probably patch the kernel with vesa-tng and the problem will most likely go away.

What I did:
  1. removed the contents in /etc/modprobe.conf (there is no /etc/modprobe.d in slackware)
  2. added the line 'options nvidia NVreg_SoftEDIDs=0 NVreg_Mobile=1' to /etc/modprobe.conf
  3. issued '/nvidia-installer --uninstall' (this was 1.0-7676)
  4. found a libGL file in /usr/lib belonging to an old 1.0-8174 installation. this was also erased
  5. added some stuff to xorg.conf:

    Section "Module"
    Load "ddc"
    Load "vbe"

    Section "Device"
    BusID "PCI:1:0:0"
    #Option "NoDDC" "1"
    #BusID "AGP:01:00:0"
    Option "IgnoreEDID" "true"
    Option "IgnoreEdidFreqs" "true"
    Option "GenerateRTList" "0"
    Option "OverridePolarity" "1"
    Option "DigitalVibrance" "1"
    Option "CursorShadow" "1"
    Option "CursorShadowYOffset" "2"
    Option "CursorShadowXOffset" "4"
    Option "CursorShadowAlpha" "63"
    Option "NvAGP" "3"
    Option "RenderAccel" "true"
    Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "true"

    Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "Enable"
  6. issued '/nvidia-installer --na' (this was 1.0-8174)
  7. issued 'modprobe nvidia'
  8. startx
I don't know how much of this really matter since there are some variables in xorg.conf that are not used (see attached Xorg.0.log).
Again, thank you so much for these news! I will do more testing and let you know if I find something of interest.
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