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Default Re: dxtweaker

Originally Posted by zeero1978
nhancer version 1.2.2 worked... going to play quake4 now... i hope this works. i'm still using the 77.50 drivers

edit: is triple buffering and trilinear filtering the same?
No, Triple buffering allocates a third framebuffer in the onboard RAM to render a Frame into, in short, if you use Vsync ON then it can keep the framerate near max (ex 60hz = 60fps, it can now drop to 59 or 58), instead of dropping to half (30) as soon as it goes below max..
half or quarters or somesuch, dont really remember..
The result in especially benchmarks is quite big since the avrage framerate will be alot higher when its not dropping to half all the time, but you generally leave Vsync OFF when benching as it limits FPS.
Cant recall exactly how that works, but its something about waiting for the other buffer to be ready with Double buffering I guess, thats fixed by using a third one..
Trilinear filtering is about filtering textures.

Drivers can force it in OpenGL (and both Catalysts and Forceware allows this), but I think there is some rule in either DirectX or the windows driver model that prohibits forcing it for D3D, and alot of games lack support for it nativly, and some has support but only if you edit INI files and such, its pretty rare that its exposed in Options, which is a shame..
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