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Default Re: GeForce Go 6600 freezes system when running OpenGL apps

I have the exact same problems here but far worse, and have tested both an mx440 and an fx7500. I have tried all the suggestions listed in all the threads I can find, even using kel's patch for 1.0-6629, but my system still hangs within 1 minute if I start using opengl. Acutally to perfectly honest it used to do it only with opengl but it will now do it randomly when running X11. I too thought it must have been a dud card or something, but the linux generic nv driver never crashes on either card...even though it is slow as hell when using opengl....
When it comes to submitting the bug report generated by nvidia, is it possible to just reboot when it hangs and grab it then, or do I have to try and ssh into my machine remotely to get it? Even if I do, is there any point in submitting a bug my experience submitting a bug report does not result in any response or any useful assistance from the software engineers?

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