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Default Re: Pop-ups

Well a good Adaware or Spybot scan never did a comp any harm; just to make sure an all...

That said, popup blocker programs and the like only work for so long it seems before adware developers find a means to circumvent them. I used to use Proxomitron, which was a freeware web proxy one could install on their PC that kept these undesireable things outa the pages.

Back in it's day it used to work great (even though the user interface could have been better...but hey it was free) and nothing, and I do mean nothing seemed to get through it. Then this year (it's an abandoned project and hasn't been developed for over a year now) I started noticing some ads get through. Ad developers can develop their software to circumvent blocking software, just as anyone else can. An update to your ad blocking might be in order from time to time. Flash ads had become the worst for me of late...

Now I'm using Donzilla (a variant based off the Mozilla code base) which includes the ad blocker plugin with a bunch of other stuff. Only thing is adding some plugins (like flash) and the content doesn't show in the pages even when I want, though the plugin is in place.

And yes, Mozilla and Firefox take longer to load into memory (the splash screen displaying a bit before it loads for instance), but once loaded not sure if it's too much slower... IE on the other hand probably doesn't have to load the entire program, as it's integrated into other parts of Windows now, and some parts of it are probably running in memory at all times
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