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Default Re: Re: I'm displeased and upset with MikeC's behavoir in the Peter Glaskowsky thread.

Originally posted by legion88
Unless NVIDIA owns AMD, he couldn't be a "paid flunky of nVidia".

The Athlon 64 won the 2002 award as well. Who did AMD sell this chip to in 2002 to allow this chip to be considered? Afterall, according to Glaskowsky, the GF FX was already sold to board manufacturers (--NVIDIA's actual customers--) by December, allowing it to be considered. Following that line of reasoning, the same thing must have happened with the Athlon 64.

(The December date is odd since GF FX and the Athlon was nominated by December 9, giving both AMD and NVIDIA just the 8th of December at the latest to sell their wares to their customer.)

How about the Itanium 2? It's out, right? I haven't been following Intel's latest and greatest.

I find the whole thing odd, as if this was some sort of an attempt to attract attention.....Unless the actual criteria for consideration is that the product has to be 'announced'. In that case, Bitboys must have won awards in prevous years.
the product has been demoed quite a bit all over... and has been demonstrated with actual apps running side by side... since a lot earlier on than the gf FX... the 5800 ultra was only demoed late in the year and even then it was supposedly underclocked and running nvidia made demoes... not even close to the product that ati unveiled running with doom3 alpha...

btw... emotions running perhaps a little higher than they need be with a few people

its all good... dont let it get to you... everyone has a job to do... don't forget that...
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