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Default Re: Official DXTweaker discussion thread

Originally Posted by 101
Anyone with SLI able to get this to work? I've been playing with BF2 and FEAR for a while and I have never even seen vsync enabled if I launch with DXTweaker and triple buffering enabled. I assume this is more hopeless AFR problems going on a year and a half now.
I seem to have gotten it to work but I am wondering if I am disabling SLI in the process. I think I have my profiles all screwed up so I am working on learning how the profiles work. Reading up on posts from OWA and SH64 and many others for that matter to try and figure it out so I can ask specific questions in the future.

One thing that does have me confused though....If I set the AA and Af that I want in the global settings how does the game know to use those settings instead of the profile settings for that game? I think I would be just as fine using the global settings each time I want to play instead of working for days trying to get the profiles to work. Thing is though it seems that the profile for the game is overriding the global settings.

Like I said I am still working on it so if I said something that shouldn't happen just bare with me.

Did not mean to get off topic. I thing Dxtweaker is working fine. Any way to fix the smiley to say Christmas instead of xmas(I hate that btw)
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