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Default Re: 8174 hangs my laptop on starting X

I have a Toshiba 5105-s607 and I'm having the same problem (black screen; seems to be a CPU loop since the fan kicks on in a few seconds).

The installer appears to leave previous driver pieces (7676). Reverting to the 7676 driver works, but the upgrade to 8174 is incomplete. I've never had a problem with the install/upgrade on this unit before.

I'll try uninstalling the previous driver first (manually, if the --uninstall doesn't get all the bits), and following the suggestions in post #13.

However, if this works it appears to be a packaging/processing error in the installer; it shouldn't be leaving old driver files. Likewise, if new options are required as indicated in the thread pointed to by post #13, they should be configured as part of the installation. Since these are installer issues, not driver bugs, what is the reporting process?
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