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Originally Posted by netllama

I just followed that guide and now 1.0-8174 works! And not only that, now I too can enjoy some eyecandy (See the screenshot below). Wheeeehe! Please tell this to everybody else out there who is having trouble with the NV17.

Thanks a lot, Lonni


Just a few notes:
1. The DPMS bug is gone. Congratulations! Now my screen is back at the touch of a key.
2. The console corruption bug is also gone. Congratulations again!
3. I'm not sure if it's my eyes but the fonts look different. They seem crisper, but not all of them look quite as good.
4. I nave Composite and RenderAccel turned on for over 4 hours now and so far I have experienced no crash. It seems that stability was greatly improved over 1.0-7676.
5. I also have the impression that 1.0-8174 is substantially faster and uses less memory than 1.0-7676.

PS: 24hrs+ uptime, suspended to ram many times, and no crash!
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