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Default Re: Official DXTweaker discussion thread

Had a chance to try a few things since I got home and here is my issue:

Running BF2 within its profile, 4x16x, vsync on, TB on, TSAA, GAA, all opt off, SLI read only.

Launch game with dxtweak(present change at 2) and vsync is working but no vert bar showing load balance: FPS at 35-40

I really need to write this stuff down. I am making so many changes that I can't remember what I did. Long story short....using DXTweak with vsync enabled, vsync is working but low fps and now load bar. Disable vsync and launch from exe, no vsync but I get load bar and fps 50-55. TSAA has some disabling affect because with it on something was not right and as soon as I turned it off, things were where they should be and no, it wasn't different fps..(sorry I cant be more specific, too many settings)

Right now, to heck with vsync and hope that Nvidia will straighten it out with later drivers. It's time to play some freakin' games. My free COD2 just came in.
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