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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Originally Posted by Rar
I'm not going to keep throwing money away everytime they have something new. The 3200 Barton is new and the ram I have. I don't need to switch for at lease 2 more years. Theres aready rumors running around the net saying Nvidia is going to stop making the 7800GTX 512 mb card this Feburay...
Then i would look to get a 6800GT in a FS/T forum, or ebay, or wait and see if the 6800GS comes out in AGP. I was mentioning FS/T what you have because while the older XP3200 is very nice and fast enough you can get at least 15-20 more FPS in games just by switching out he processor and mobo you have (and nothing else). About 6 months ago, for my wife's gaming rig i sold an XP3200 and K7 NF2 mobo and easily swithed to A64 and i ended up paying a difference of only $40.00 at the end of it all (out of my pocket) - one reason is that a true "authentic" XP3200 is hard to find so i got a good price for it, and that let me easily get a Fry's special A64 mobo/CPU combo (A643200) for $170.00. Instant 15-25 FPS in EVERY game nearly without even changing the graphics card (but we did that too later on). To add to that - the older AXP series though venerable, caps out after about a X800 Pro/6800GT in performance whereas when you put that same graphics card on an A643200 or better you get a huge difference, and it only increases more as you move up in graphics cards quality and speed wise. But yea, you would be fine with a 6800GS AGP and most games.
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