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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

those spectres are tough. i am not terribly fluent with FOW, but i have done my fair share of killin there. i LOVE killing the bone dragons. anyway, with those spectres.. heres how we did it.

we had 2 warrirs, 2 monks.. one heal, one protect, and me as an ele with a water ele (which was neat) and then a ranger. i brought some up close ele stuff, which i dont normally do. but i wanted to stick it to them. so, the prot monk would throw some stuff on me, i would run up to them and get them all on me, then the water ele would cast some slow down stuff on them and the heal monk would keep me alive. after their initial volley of anticast stuff, i throw down - flame burst, incendeary bonds, lava font, meteor storm, then inferno. i try to squeeze in searing het, but i can only use that if they are getting knocked down with meteor storm. the fun thing is, one you kill the forst 3 baddies, they spawn into 6, and then 9. good freakin times. we barely made it through, and it took several hours. needless to say, i love being there, and i am currtnely working on a fast casting smite monk, so i can go there and beat the hell out of the undead. i am in kryta with him now and it is sooooo dman easy fighting them as a smite monk. (mez primary).

id be down for some missions with you. like i said, with my ele, UW is my favorite place to go. with my necro he would be as effective and my smite monk will be pretty okay there too. but my ele is the most fun cause i never get tired of setting things on fire.
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