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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I'm displeased and upset with MikeC's behavoir in the Peter Glaskowsky thread.

Originally posted by Sazar
I suppose if he has the knowledge to wipe his ass... which we obviously don't...

Y'know, with all this talk of butt-wiping and such I TOTALLY blew it! TOTALLY!

In case you're not familar with my personal history, I retired from working a sysOp job at US Steel about 5 years ago to become a stay-at-home with the kids type of Dad while my wife went back to work full time.

It was right after my son was born, and I was "Mom" for him so to speak. Washed him, fed him, changed his diapers....

...but wait, there's more.

My daughter was born about 4 months before my son was toilet trained, and she's just going thru toilet training now. My wife is doing great with her job and quite happy with it, I'm still "doing the Mom-thing" and doing ok with it (aside from this damned tendancy to go a bit bonkers on the internet from time to time in me secret-cyber-identity, but everybody needs a hobby ) but I've been raising my daughter too for all her life. Bathing her, feeding her, changing her diaper.....

I got an old dog, she's about 9 now but she's over 200lbs and has a hard time getting around. I love her too much to put her down unless she asks me too, so I put up with a certain amount of daily disgusting chores to keep her happy/content/not-smelling-like-dogpoop....

I don't change her diaper, I usually end up steam-cleaning twice a day...but I do have to wipe her butt clean if'n she has a bad spell and can't get up. YES it's disgusting, but she's family and who else is gonna do it? Hell, I talk nice to her and tell her I don't mind with a straight face while I do it just 'cause I know it has to be done and she ain't enjoying it anymore than I am.

Ok, I got a little of point there...but I'm coming up to it (if you don't see this one a mile off )


It's gross, it ain't fun; but by the Gods and all that I hold dear and sacred I do know ass wiping and I know it well....and I'm damned good at it.

I just had to get that out. You ever come up with the best come-back to something the next day and it drives you nuts that you missed your opportunity to say that? Well, this is like that for me.

So bring it on and bring it on good, 'cause I sure as hell know almost everything there is to know about ass wiping!
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