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Default 2.6.x kernel x86_64 and nforce 3 chipset boot problems

Hi all,

I have a Gigabyte K8nSC-939 (nForce 3 chipset) with a AMD64 3200+ processor. 32 bit Suse 10.0 installs and runs fine. As does 32 bit FC4. But the x86_64 versions of either are a bit of a pain to install and or to get to run. FC4 is a little easier to install using the "noapic nolapic" options. Installing Suse is a little more difficult but it can be done with a safe options install and rebooting to a safe options install, aborting the install, then continuing the install via the boot installed system option. That method usually works. If not repeat and it probably will.

My questions though are. IS there a "fix" for this? I was hoping the 2.6.14.x FC4 kernel fixed this. It doesn't. Is this an APIC problem and or a lack of support for the nForce 3 and 4 chipset in the 2.6.x kernel? What other problems will disabling APIC lead to?

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