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Arrow Re: Nvidia 256MB Geforce 6200 or SPARKLE GeFORCE 6200 256MB?

Originally Posted by dh666
Hi what card is better out of these two?
Nvidia 256MB Geforce 6200
You have a terminology problem. With one exception,* NVIDIA doesn't make end-user video cards. NVIDIA makes only the GPUs for OEMs to put onto video cards. Unless the first card you listed is an engineering sample, it was made by an OEM like SPARKLE, ASUS, MSI, BFG, XFX, etc.

And to answer your question directly, unless you can determine the OEM for the first card, we don't have enough information to say which cards is better. However, since most OEMs use the same reference design, they are likely to be virtually identical cards.

Finally, I agree with most of the posters here. I'd pay no money for either 6200. The 6200 is the lowest of the low-end. (It's rarely frudgal to buy a cheap car instead of saving for the car you really want--same for video cards.)

*NVIDIA made 100% of the NV30 PC boards, because the 12-layer design required certain tolerances to meet NVIDIA's specs.
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