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Just curious, what is all the Java Scripting for here? EVERY click here want's to run Java script. Blocking it doesn't seem to break anything. EDIT: Ah, it sends me to pricegrabber for ads, and more java, for more ads, etc. Once I allow java to run, pricegrabber java starts to run, and if I allow pricegrabber.........

......Also I found when I was getting my hijacking popups here, there was always a Java script called iframe2 in my temporary internet folder that had a boatload of references to the scum site h++p:// I think they are the bastages doing the hijacking after this site loads up their malware java via ad banners or whatever.

Who is Vibrant Media at h++p:// (ad server?)? They are the ones your java is aiming at? (EDIT: Ah, these must be the turkeys who track and spy on us then create those annoying links all through the text here!)

I'm just trying to understand why when I come to with a pristine, clean cache, I instantly have temp internet files full of java scripts from and scripts from intellitxt on EVERY click and who knows what all trying to run and redirect and popup and hijack....AAaaaaAAARGH!

Don't get me wrong, most other sites are worse and try to run java from like 3-6 other domains. When I go to h++p://, I don't want to go secretly to anywhere else, or anything from any other domain being secretly loaded, downloaded, redirected, whatever.
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