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No ad server? What do you call this then?

About Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is uniquely positioned at the junction of advertising and online publishing. For over 5 years its suite of contextual advertising solutions have been pioneering some of the most intelligent and forward-thinking developments online.

With offices in San Francisco, London and New York, Vibrant Media enables its International Network of leading web publishers and advertisers to realize the value of contextual relevancy by connecting users, advertisers, and web publishers to drive a more organic and therefore fulfilling online experience.

About Our Products

Advertising has changed. By embracing this change Vibrant Media’s solutions have improved the way businesses communicate with their customers online.

In the past web publishers have had to struggle to generate sufficient revenue from the content they produce online. We have solved this problem by working directly with the web publishers to increase the effectiveness of the advertising relationships and maximize their revenue potential. The result? Publishers are now able to realize the true value of their content. Learn more…

Currently users are forced to wade through a sea of irrelevant and potentially intrusive advertising messages. As a business we understand that the most effective advertising reaches the right customer at the right time, driving the most positive marketing relationship possible for advertisers and their customers. This in turn leads to high conversion rates and increased sales. Learn more…

Our suite of contextual advertising solutions focuses on relevancy, convenience, empowering users to initiate their own online experience.

Translation. "We use java and cookies to spy on your visitors for you, then spam ads all through your web site in the form of annoying links that may get clicked on by accident and create popup sumary text when their mouse accidentally passes over that blocks the text on your site so your visitors can't even read what they came for anymore!"
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