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Default Re: OpenSuse 10.0 RC1 - nvsound - nightmare

Originally Posted by interzoneuk

I have some more info regarding this.

the problem is something relating to opensuse, I have tried the following systems

Mandriva 2006
Kubuntu 5.10
Fedora 4

The driver works on the same machine.

I have also found it is not the opensuse kernel, as I have used the exact same kernel for kubuntu and suse ( this was the vanila kernel with ck6 patches from here - BTW this is a great guide for recompiling a vinilla kernel with paches.

The kernel worked fine on both Kubuntu and Suse, however when I install nforce driver on Kubuntu my system works fine , whilst on Suse I get the crashing/locking up problem (this is on the same system).

Any other ideas?
Hello. I am having the same problems with Suse 10 OSS / 410/6100. Apparently there are additional files that need to be edited, since boot errors contain the former MCP51 reference. Even the lousy Suse doc that came with the thing is for version 9. Later doc says that the modprobe.conf file is no longer used - then what the hell is used?

I am not even worried about the sound right now - I just want a damn Internet connection so I can RUN the thing (and maybe run YOU). I'm really getting tired of going back and forth with W2K 20 times a day while I 'work' on this mess. By the way, I have not been able to install 8174 either, and I'll wait on that until the network comes up (if ever).

I've been on here begging for help for two weeks, and even sent 'lonni' messages which were never even acknowledged. ANY help, from ANYWHERE would be very much appreciated!

Thank you, pm..
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