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Wink Re: Pop-ups

1. That you're running popup stoppers, Java blockers, Firefox, Opera, etc. (as I am now too) or that you just haven't gotten lucky enough to hit the random "bad" banner.

2. I can assure you 100% I am spyware/adware free and clean, unless Microsoft is shipping XP CDs with it already bundled now, or magiacally I am getting infected with the most elusive, hard to detect in history, adware that only targets THIS SITE the instant I plug in my network cable from behind a hardware firewall and come directly here and nowhere else, after a completely offline, clean Windows XP install, several times now.

But hey. It must be the second choice, since you haven't gotten a popup yet.

There are 2 domains trying to run java/java script/whatever at all times here. nvnews own that if allowed to run goes straight to pricegrabber and begins running theirs which if allowed can do....? Then there is the intellitxt spy one that apparently creates the text links to ads within the text here, and if allowed to run.....?...which would lead to...?..which would fetch more from...? Get my point?

Mike said there is no ad server here. Well, whatever that means, there are at least 2 ad companies domains trying to run Java here non stop. Do you really trust them (and whoever they redirect to...and on and on...) to play nice at all times?
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