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Originally Posted by Elvin Presler
I hear ya. I go for days sometimes without a single popup (IE with medium level built in poup stopper only) when I visit here 4, 6, 12 times a day. But when I do get the popups, it's only here, and always the same ones and method of getting them to pop up...hijacking the entire browser so any action on it launches the popups, then from then on they just keep coming every so often until you clear the cache and cookies. I don't run any messengers or other apps that could be causing this either. Just a browser on a lean, mean Windows install.

It has to be bad, ocassional banners/scripts from one of these ad serv....companies. Anyway, I give up. I'll just put up with the bugs of a non-standard browser, a huge hosts file, and block EVERYTHING from now on. No ads, no banners, no links in text, nothing.
It is very strange that only you and few others are having problems. But yeah, just block what you need to and you're good to go.
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