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Default Messed up xorg windows with "nvidia" AND "nv". GeForceGo6400-related?


after 15 minutes of xorg uptime, the content of firefox, kdvi or acrobat reader windows become garbled in the strangest ways with bright colors and mess. This happens with "nv" and "nvidia" on my fully patched and updated SuSE9.3 Vaio VGN-FS315H Laptop with nVidia GeForce Go 6400 with TurboCache.

Without going much into details, can such a problem (if it happens with "nv" and with "nvidia") be driver related? Can it be that maybe Linux doesn't treat the shared memory (TurboCache) of the graphics card correctly? Because sometimes kdvi displays stuff in strangest colors that has been there correctly seconds ago, so maybe some old memory fragments get into the video memory or something? (glxgears and that seems to work with fine framerates.)

(Note: The problem usually happens with the inside of some windows first. Switching to console and back removes the problem for 10 minutes. then it starts happening again.)

So, am I right searching for clues right here or should I go to xorg. Dunno. I'm a bit frustrated and clueless with the issue right now.

Thanks for your comments, Johannes.
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