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Default Fedora Core 4/x86_64: X (2D) rendering oddities?

Hello Folks,

I've got some oddities going on, and I'm wondering if anyone else experiences similar ones?

I'm running Fedora Core 4 on a Dual Opteron 252 / Tyan K8WE / 4Gb (2Gb / CPU) / PCIE Leadtek 7800GTX / dual Samsung 181T montiors configured as a horizontal span (2560x1024). Nvidia driver v 8164 (the problems are not new, they happened with 7667 as well).

I notice some odd rendering effects after a long period of use. First off, screen #2 (configured on the left hand monitor) shows ghosting after a while. The ghost image appears to be snippets of windows left over on the screen, overlapping any image on the screen. It is almost as if a hardware overlay plane (with high transparency) is being incorrectly written to. I attempted to grab an image of this using kde's screen capture, but to no avail - the resulting image looks perfectly normal. I have not taken a good picture of this yet with the digital camera.

Secondly, it seems that text rendering goes awry in KDE's shell windows at times. I am not sure whether this is a problem with the driver or KDE. It looks as if some letters will be incompletely drawn onto the screen - like if parts of the stroke were completed and others not. If I highlight this text the problem immediately vanishes.

None of these oddities seem to cause crashes - which is good - however, I never saw any of this behavior with my previous 32 bit rig.

Are any of you experiencing similar problems?

Have you found fixes for these?


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