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Default Re: More on the hijacking popups here

Originally Posted by DaveW
Your saying that even though you don't have Rage3D open, you are still making outbound requests to Rage3D? I've only seen this kind of behavior when behind a buggy proxy server. Does your ISP use a proxy? Its possible its dishing out those popup ads to you.
That's what I'm thinking, too. If you are absolutley, positively, without-a-doubt SURE that your system is clean, then this is the only possibility. You would be surprised how vulnerable a system can be, though, even with a fresh install and updates. If you do a fresh install w/out SP2 slipstreamed, you are very vulnerable if you are hooked to ANY network. Even with SP2 slipstreamed, I recommend not even having your network connected physically until firewalling EVERYTHING, installing your Antivirus with recent definitions, and running Spybot immunization. Connect to the internet and get every update from Microsoft immediately. If you don't do this, you can be infected just by sitting on the network. Using IE, however, this doesn't even promise you a lack of infection.

The only way you are getting popups here is going to be found between the chair and the server the site is stored on. If you've done everything right, then its between your computer and the server. Since NO one who has a clean system (even infected systems), other than you, has had an issue with popups it has to be your ISP. Mike does not allow popups on his site and would have a damn fit if there were any on here.
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