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Default SuSE 8.1 and Nvidia 4191


I run suse linux on my pc at home, with a nvidia geforce 2 MX400.

I've never had problems with nvidia drivers before, only a few months ago when i downloaded the wrong drivers

But now i have a really weird problem.

I've installed the new nvidia drivers for suse 8.1 in a shell, without X running. Then, i rebooted for the kernel drivers to update. Then, i ran switch2nvidia and switch2nvidia_glx. Both ran without errors.

When i got back into X and loged in to kde. I tried to play Tuxracer, and i get an eorror about /dev/nvidia0 - permission denied. So, i chmod it to 777, run it again, and get the same error, but with a different file name. So, i chmod all those.

Now everything works fine. BUT, I've installed WineX so i can play cs. But, when i run cs using winex, it doesnt do anything. It just comes up with winex, and sits there. After about a minute it timesout and exits.

Anyone have any suggestions as to a remedy?


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