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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

As much as I need to upgrade my whole system I might would
buy a GS if the price was right for my rig.
I sold my 6800GT a while back and then had to spend my funds
on something else so my system upgrade is on hold.
I could get by with just picking up a 3.2 or 3.4 OC it to about
4ghz and slap a GS in it and get by 12 to 18 more months easy.

The dang prices on the 6800GT "AGP" have went up and
not down.

I would have thought the 6800GT AGP would have dropped
to around 150 bucks by now.
Thought about just getting a used GT but would love to have
a GS because they claim it will be made on the NV40 core and not the 42.
So they may be able to turn on all 16 pipes and get some very high OCing speeds.
Most GT's top out around 380/90 core and 1100 memory.
Makes me wonder though will nvidia be able to get the NV40 core up to the same clocks
as the NV42 runs at. I think this might be an issue. The NV40 cores did not like
running 450+ core speeds.
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