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Default Re: 8174 on Toshiba Satellite with ACPI "legacy free"

I made a stupid mistake in not looking closely enough at xorg log.
It seems that my comment in my xorg.conf was wrong, and that my "1400x1050j" did not work because 8174 thought the clock was too high.
"1400x1050h" was the one loading, for it's modeline was set to clock of 97.

I have still the problem of dot clock NOT being detected properly, so i made a new modeline that uses the 8174 "detected" maximum of 108.

Now I have 1400x1050 and 108Mhz dot clock, which gives refresh of 53.

53 is 11% less than 60hz that this lcd should be.

Any answers on fixing dot clock detection???

(also see )
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