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Default Re: An old Riva TNT 2 Ultra on SuSE 10

Hi Adam_eM!

As I see from your Xorg.0.log, it looks like the nvidia module dies after framebuffer initialization, just before recognizing the card model and BIOS. There are lots of possible reasons, could you please post your system's hardware specs, config, kernel...

Then I'd try some of those:
1) in a shell type "lsmod |grep fb". If you see something like "nvidiafb, or rivafb", try with "/sbin/modprobe -r nvidiafb (or rivafb, of course, or whatever)". Then try starting X again.

2) Looks like your card is not recognized, have you tried the last 8174 driver from nvidia's ftp site?

3) does X work if you use a different driver (i.e. xorg's nv, or maybe even the generic vesa driver)?

Good luck,

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