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Default Re: An old Riva TNT 2 Ultra on SuSE 10

Thanks for your reply.
I'm just downloading the drivers (both: 7174 and the latest one). We'll see if it works, but first I'll give you some details as asked.

The card is RIVA TNT2 Ultra (32 megs onboard), the X works well when i'm using an nv driver. My preffered resolution is 1280x1024 (the highest my hardware can handle) - all those on a SyncMaster 763 MB display, which actually is unrecognized by the system, so I use vesa as my monitor model.
The distribution is - as I said - SuSE 10.0 kernel: 2.6.13-15-default the xorg version is 6.8.2. One more thing: when I was trying to gain the solution on some irc channel, one dude told me that the driver doesn't fit my xorg/kernel version since I have undefined sybmols (an entry in my xorg log/sax log as I suppose). Maybe this would help a bit in seek of solving my problem.
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