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Default Re: An old Riva TNT 2 Ultra on SuSE 10

Hi Adam_eM, thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by Adam_eM
Thanks for your reply.

The distribution is - as I said - SuSE 10.0 kernel: 2.6.13-15-default the xorg version is 6.8.2. One more thing: when I was trying to gain the solution on some irc channel, one dude told me that the driver doesn't fit my xorg/kernel version since I have undefined sybmols (an entry in my xorg log/sax log as I suppose).
This is quite strange: I couldn't see any "unresolved symbol" warning in your Xorg log, actually no warning at all, just the ending fatal error. However, usually unresolved symbols do not cause problems as far as the module is correctly built and loaded into the kernel (as it seems to be the case). I have two questions now which may (or may not...) be useful:

1) does X start just after installing the video driver? I mean: without a reboot.
2) try and have a look if you have those files, and if they are writable:
/dev/nvidia# and /dev/nvidiactl. They should exist and be writable by the user.

One last thing, could you post also the /var/log/nvidia-installer.log file and a bug report? I think they are useful for the devs to help you finding the problem (if we can't manage to do it here).


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