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Default Re: An old Riva TNT 2 Ultra on SuSE 10

Here I am with the error!!! How stupid I was!

Sorry, I didn't know SAX reported also messages from dmesg, or other!

Here's the trick! It looks like the module you compiled didn't load in your kernel. I'm such a stupid, but I didn't see it before. It seems to be clear that the module you compile with 7174 release doesn't load on your kernel (undefined symbols are not important for the Xorg's modules, but they are critical for kernel module interfaces). So, now it's essential to understand why. If it is just a compatibility problem (I don't remember which one was released before, if your kernel or your nvidia driver), it will for sure be resolved by a newer driver. Otherwise... it would be useful to have your nvidia-installer log to have a look at.

I apologize again for the disattention,
best regards,

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