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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Really? I've got mine running at 400/1.17 and it's stable and fast. Nearly earns me 6K on 3DMark 05.

Actually, compare how much money the hardware for a 939 SLi rig would cost to a s754 SLi rig and the SLi will be cheaper. Also, I'm already running an A64 3700, not MUCH on the s939 front that can burry that. That's why I'm considering Epox's s754 SLi board. Pair dual GS, 7800GTs, or even GTXs with this 3700 of mine and it'd be a screamin' rig.
s754 Athlons are Single Channel Memory Controllers. s939 are Dual channel memory controllers.

The current el-cheapo Venice core A64 939 chip 3200+ (2GHz) is by design an FX-51 but at 2.0 Ghz instead of 2.2. The added benefit to the s939 chips is the fact that it also support SSE3 extensions. Although I am not sure how important that is at the moment.

That chip is well under $150 now and a decent brand nForce4 board is under $100.

Not sure about burrying anything but I imagine a new A64 3500+ is faster than your s754 3700+.

My STOCK 3200+ gets 914 on 3DM03 and 4987 on 3DM05.

Do you know your CPU scores offhand?

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