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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Not sure about burrying anything but I imagine a new A64 3500+ is faster than your s754 3700+.

My STOCK 3200+ gets 914 on 3DM03 and 4987 on 3DM05.

Do you know your CPU scores offhand?
No, unfortunatley I don't. I'll do some benching as soon as I get the spare time. But, from what I've read the s754 3700 is as fast or faster than the s939 3500. Add the OC you can reach the performance of a 4000.

The Athlon 64 3700+ is based on the same core as the Athlon FX-53, except it does not feature the dual memory channel architecture.
From this review:

The overall opinion of the 754 3700 at [H]:

In this review^^^ my 3700 typically keeps pace with the s939 3800 and 4000. In gaming, it is always ahead of the s939 3500.

I'll do a brief review on my own as soon as I have the time. Take my word though, this 3700 is no chum chip.
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