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Default Re: 8174 on Toshiba Satellite with ACPI "legacy free"

(--) NVIDIA(0): 1372 x 1050 @ 60Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): Pixel Clock : 108.00 MHz

BIG problems there.
Should be 1400x1050 and 224 MHz

All Nvidia Linux proprietary drivers since 5336 have misdetected this.
Xorg's nv driver detects properly.

And I must say once again that because of that 108.00 MHz I'm therefore limited to modelines calculated with 108.00, and therefore cannot get all the possible modes of this display.

In fact, I can only get 1400x1050 properly, and at 56 Hz. I lost count but have tried more than 40 modelines from different sources and the two noted in my xorg.conf are the only ones that give near-full refresh at 1400.

The "black bar" issue is referred to many many times in this forum, and now that I am limited to that 108 I am very very limited.

What's causing that 108? Toshiba or you guys?

The 1372 can be dealt with IFF the 108 can be raised.

Thanks again and I think this thread is relevant for lots of people.
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