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Default Re: 8174 on Toshiba Satellite with ACPI "legacy free"

I was unclear on that, I meant that the Clock is now misdetected, the 1378x1050 has been a problem all along, hence the need for modelines.

The clock has been 224MHz up thru 7667, the most recent driver i used.
Now, 8174 claims 108MHz, and now refuses to allow modelines calculated above that, even with IgnoreEDID=1.

So, since prior Nvidia drivers have acted the same, I attached 7667 in two flavors, EDID used with no modelines and EDID ignored with a known-good modeline from gtf.

You'll notice that 7667 with EDIDs thinks things are too fast for 110MHz,and there's the rub. For 7667 WITHOUT EDIDs and a good modeline IS ALLOWED.

I reiterate that Xorg's nv driver works perfectly, in all resolutions.

Also, I have not tried AgpGart, and probably will not.

Thanks tons for the super quick and pointed replies
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