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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Originally Posted by Redeemed
No, unfortunatley I don't. I'll do some benching as soon as I get the spare time. But, from what I've read the s754 3700 is as fast or faster than the s939 3500. Add the OC you can reach the performance of a 4000.

From this review:

The overall opinion of the 754 3700 at [H]:

In this review^^^ my 3700 typically keeps pace with the s939 3800 and 4000. In gaming, it is always ahead of the s939 3500.

I'll do a brief review on my own as soon as I have the time. Take my word though, this 3700 is no chum chip.
Sorry bro. Was not trying to crap on your chip. I'm sure it's very capable.

Post CPU scores only if you get time.

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