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Default Re: Is this a 6800GT?

Great help from everyone. When I check for the vendor ID (in 3D Mark 05) it shows it to be nVidia (0x10de), which is odd, since I didn't think NV sold directly. I also checked past purchases on my cc but didn't come up with the obvious culprit. I also scanned most of the major resellers of nVidia cards to see if I could come up with an identical looking card, but no luck so far. eVGA comes closest in looks but auswak says no way, so I am left with a mystery manufacturer. The numbers I got for chip and memory were a little off what a true GT should be I think, too. nVidia says 250/1000, I show 351/897, but maybe that's a meaningless difference.

Thanks everyone. I posted it for sale on ebay today if you want a look.
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