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Default Re: More on the hijacking popups here

The last java I was using was this installer: "jre-1_5_0_05-windows-i586-p.exe", but now and for the last 2 or 3 Windows installs I did, I have not installed any Java. My Windows CD is XP Pro with SP2 integrated.

The popups still come (don't know about the last 4 days or so, I've been using Firefox and a bunch of blockers) totally at random. Usually I see them within 2-3 days at some point. Sometimes 3 times in a day on 3 different visits, sometimes none at all for 3 days. Clearing my cache (I always have it set to clear on IE exit and store pages 0 days) stops it until the next random time. If I ignore them and just keep browsing threads, they just keep popping up ever few 15 - 45 seconds or so until I leave or clear the cache.

I don't know if Ad Muncher (powerful popup stopper) would stop them if I started it before IE or not. I fired it up once after they started and it did not stop them.

My ISP is I highly doubt it's them. Keep in mind...again...this ONLY happens here, at nvnews.

"index_tiny.asp" shows up in a link I copied and pasted in this thread....the url of one of the popups. That's why you would find google reference to here from it. Just my text. So if you google "manamanateepteeteeteepee", you'll probably get linked here too, just because I typed it just now.
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