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Well I don't know how to approach this. On the one hand, I am glad nVidia has released drivers and that they are open source. On the other hand, they sure have made a minimal release that is supposedly based primarily on pre-existing code.

An optimist would see nVidia looking to only provide the most basic support for Linux with the hope that the Linux community will pick it up and finish it. But until they announce an end to Linux driver releases, that won't happen.

The fact that AGP is only supported with nVidia graphics cards is very fishy. I have never seen an AGP driver only compatible with specific video cards. It makes absolutely no sense. The only conclusion I can come to on that it is planned.

I want to buy an nForce2, but I have a Radeon 8500 so its out of the question. Do they really think consumers are going to spend that kind of money just so they can have an nForce board? Especially Linux geeks? Come on... Looks like I'm going VIA again unless I can find a good SiS board.

Lame nVidia, very lame.
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