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Default vesa tv out, colors are screwy

i've got a gentoo linux box connected to my tv (no monitor, tv only). the video card's s-video out is connected to my tv's s-video in. i get the concole output on the tv screen just as expected and i can even play movies with mplayer (-vo vesa) and they show up on the tv. however, things aren't all well.

the video is about half the size of the tv screen (attempts to use zoom or scale the video have been unsuccessful so far).

the colors in the video are completely screwed. it seems there is a big shift towards red in all the colors.

this is true of all videos i've tried to play to far. the video was encoded using divx, the video card is 'NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x]' according to lspci and my kernel is 2.6.14.

any clues on how to fix either of the above issues? will a new card do a better job with the tv out?

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