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Default Re: More on the hijacking popups here

OK, now you guys are just repeating stuff I already answered or commented on.

I said about 3 times I clear my cache and it stops. I even ID'ed the bad java script files in the cache first (iframe2.js). My IE was set clear cache every time it's closed and save pages 0 days as well.

I did the totally offline install bit with firewall about 6 times. About 3 times my first url visited immediately after plugging the cable back in was nvnews and I got the popups...other time nothing, til a day or 2 later.

I said I am using Firefox now + several blocking methods. I block Java script completely. No popups anymore.

I'm not here to complain about popups anymore, just answering questions people asked. I know how they start. Intellitxt, or pricegrabber (or one of the banners they fetch) is loading some bad java scripts. I can't tell you exactly which or how because I don't know much about java.
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