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Default Re: 8174 hangs my laptop on starting X

Originally Posted by Imperito
tvout also doesn't work on mine with 8174, does your hardware support tvout? Does it work?

I think its pretty out there that the driver is blaming the hardware for not doing something that the previous driver did.
Have never used tvout, but crt-out always worked before, haven't yet tried it yet with my projector.

I agree with you about blaming the hardware. In the other thread I was told that 108MHz is a hardware limitation....bull. My xorg 'nv' driver loads and the log shows that it finds 26 valid modes (all of which work) with dotclocks ranging from 25.2 to 157.5, and a "clock range" from 12 to 350...which i believe is fairly correct for the NV17m.

It's the weekend and I hope that next week will bring us a holiday treat from Nvidia
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