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Default Re: Official DXTweaker discussion thread

I'm not so sure DXTweaker works with Source games like CounterStrike and Day of Defeat. When I measure with FRAPS I get ratings between the ordinary 20, 30 and 60 aswell (having a 60Hz refresh rate ofcourse), but I also get these ratings when I'm not using DXTweaker. For example: If fraps gives me 45 fps (which would mean triple buffering works?!) it can suddenly shoot back to 60 by just moving the "camera" 1 or 2 lines of pixels up or down. Considering this I don't think DXTweaker does anything in Source games. Did anyone else notice this? Maybe valve built something in the source engine that tries to mimic triple buffering because it gives these odd values like 45 fps standard without the use of DXTweaker??? Maybe HL2.exe should be selected instead of STEAM.exe, but when I manually try to execute HL2.exe from the STEAM folder I get an error asking me if I want to send a report to microsoft... weird. Anyone know why this occurs? Day of Defeat and Counterstrike both work fine when executed from the STEAM menu...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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