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Default Re: 8174 hangs my laptop on starting X

Oh, come on now, these guys are on the ball, and i think there's only 2 of them working on the Linux driver, making it work on all hardware configs.

In a great thread the other night Netllama was responding to my replys within 15 minutes,and this happens quite often.

My only fear is that since Toshiba refuses to address these issues with a better vbios that Nvidia is being taxed to the limits of common patience. And since Netllama and Zander have to deal with Tosh, Dell, et. al. then we have to be more patient.

Also, notice they have posted a job opening, meaning they are commited to the linux community.

I give them high marks for continuing to actively support Linux -- an OS that, though much more powerful, stable, fast and efficient than windoze -- only has 2% of the desktop market.

The issue they need to deal with now...fix our max clock!!!
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