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Default Re: 8174 hangs my laptop on starting X

Dr. Tyrell - No one's complaining about Nvidia support for Linux.

The problem is that because they are proprietary in nature, there is no transparency to the development process. They could be working very hard, or ignoring the problem; there's just no way to tell. That makes the situation a little frustrating, especially for Linux users that are used to having that visibility.

Nvidia could decide that any hardware that doesn't work with the new driver is "legacy" and unsupported going forward. That would be a business decision, and aside from reverse-engineering the driver to patch it we would have no other options. We simply have no input, control, or visibility - so the best we can do is hope that they address the regressions that they have introduced.

No one can do more than make a SWAG (sily wild-ass guess) as to the number of Linux users; there are no hard statistics. Personally, most people I know have converted to Linux - but because they are using free versions, there's no accounting of that fact. Obviously, that's not the same everywhere, or this issue wouldn't keep coming up but, from my perspective, I'm surprised when I find someone still running Windows. It's like running into an OS/2 user or DOS user - you know they are out there, but why?
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