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Default Re: Quak4 - Quake 4 tuning tool for NVIDIA G70/NV40/NV30 Series GPU's

3mood 1.4.0r (not beta) and Quak4 1.1.0b preview....

New features:
* "Texel Sampling and Offset" option - Awesome Image quality with excellent performance (so called "über" Offset mapping).
* "Height Map Offset" option enabled - Does't work with Normal Maps (z).
* "Relief Mapping" option enabled (thanks to fpo) - Does't work with Normal Maps (z) and performance is very slow.
* "Fetch Height Map from Specular or Diffuse Map (w)" option
* "Build Height Maps" option for external programs (e.g. fpo's normal2depth.exe)
* Many new Offset options for "Texel Sampling and Offset" and "Relief Mapping" options (e.g Sampling Scale (or depth), Bias (or distance) and Iterations)
* "Ingore Light Vector Normalization" option for "NRM Instruction" option (normalize with normalization cube map)
* Doom 3/Quake 4 Config file (e.g. DoomConfig.cfg) options - You can tune and test e.g. resolution settings, filtering and lod settings, anisotropic and antialiasing sampling settings, texture compression and cache settings etc.

Quality and performance optimizations:
* Specular modes ("Ultra" and "High Quality") performance should be 1-2% faster (huh! )
* "High Quality specular" option's image quality is slightly better than before (almost as good as Ultra Quality Specular)

Bug fixes:
* two nasty bugs fixed in "3mood/Quak4 Option Profiles"
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