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Originally posted by noko
what do you mean? That is if directed at my response that is ?
I mean that some controversy is essential to carry on a debate, and that controversy also generates interest and likewise content.

I agree that over-the-top attacks are bad, but I feel that Pete was giving an awful lot more than he got even before he got here. That award is an insult to anyone with a shred of intelligence and knowledge in that arena, and the arrogant way he came in here was more than enough (IMHO, of course) to fully justify all the comments and attacks he received in that thread. I feel it was more of a reflection of the current community mood, or an expression of it.

And yeah, I find that sort of thing neat. I couldn't explain why to you if'n I wanted to, but I do....and I feel it was squelched to try and change the perception of the communities feelings.

By "community" I ain't talking about the site owner's personal preference, I'm trying to imply the general consensus of the members...which I am NOT trying to speak for or represent. It ain't my place, I'm just one little tiny part of it.

But when I start seeing a consensus of opinion and emotion like that in a thread I truly feel it is indicative of something important or big, and I feel it's worth pursuing to find out what that something is.

I guess that's sort of what I meant, I think. (It's a looooooooooong Friday here, my thinker ain't thinking at it's best right now. )

EDITED BITS: Fixed some really stupid errors, did I mention it's a Friday again?
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