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for God's sake who cares what award NVIDIA won. HOW ON EARTH DOES IT AFFECT YOU??? answer that question will you. This is just fanboyism, and the companies love it, having brainless morons following them loyally.

We all have our own oppinions on which card is good. Keep it no need to argue over it, listen to what some one has to say, if it makes sense follow it, if it does not ask them to explain it a bit more. But for pete's sake dont argue with them... none of you gain anything. Why on earth do you want to argue and flame for the sake of a company. I say screw that let us just chill out enjoy each others company and opinions and let the two companies battle it out for themselves.

So rule number one: respect other people's opinions. I know when Mike's opinions are good and when they are not. I keep them to myself.

Let us learn to do that and cut out with all this flaming.
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